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what is family of origin

What Type of Questions can You Expect a Marriage Counselor to Ask?

It seems like the world is their oyster whenever a couple first gets married. Marriage is anything but easy and you can quickly find yourself on the road to divorce with all of the hardships that you’ll face. Sadly, nearly half of the marriage in the United States end in divorce every year. You will need to work very hard to avoid becoming a statistic. If you are having issues in your marriage, then you will need to work on using various strategies to keep from getting divorced. One common solution that many married couples try is marriage counseling, or relationship counseling.

You may be wondering exactly what marriage counseling involves. When you sign up for counseling, a licensed therapist or counselor will talk to you and your spouse in an effort to get you to work through your problems. The professional counselor attempts to uncover any hidden or undisclosed problems that the couple struggles to find a solution for.

In order to come up with solutions though, a counselor will have to ask a great deal of questions.

A good counselor will provide an unbiased opinion after listening to your problems. Since counselors can’t have any idea what’s really going on in the marriage, they will have to listen to the couples share their viewpoints on the matter. There are plenty of things that can cause marital issues including present problems as well as past problems. The counselor may even be interested in learning about past relationships to see if something happened that are causing these current issues.

Both partners of the relationship are encouraged to share their points of view because it takes both sides to understand the whole part of the relationship. The counselor will encourage each member of the relationship to share how he or she sees either future issues or current conflicts.

Children can also be a source of strife in marriage. If a couple starts attending marriage because of the kids, then the counselor will be concerned how they go about handling them. The children’s safety and health are of the utmost concern .

Your counselor may also ask you what your goals are for the marriage. One of the best ways to ensure that you get the most from counseling is to setup goals for yourself. To ensure that the relationship keeps progressing at a good pace, the counselor may ask you both to setup your own separate goals. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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