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Irish Last Names

irish last names

Irish Jewelry: Spread the Luck Through Irish Jewelry

Ireland and the Celts have a long line of history where their tradition can be traced. It is where Celtic art originated, influenced by the various cultures in Central Europe. The symbols that were marked by the heroes and heroines of the Celts were the start of what has been brought until today and became popular Celtic symbols, as seen in the Celts art and Irish Celtic jewelry. All of these symbols, Celtic knots, interlaced patterns, and geometric figures were all inspired from Celtic art and have motivated Irish art, music, clothes, and Irish jewelry.

Irish Jewelry Symbols

The different symbolisms of the Celts have greatly influenced the Irish culture specifically Irish jewelry. These different symbols that are engraved in different Irish jewelry denote different meanings dating back over two hundred centuries ago. Giving Irish jewelry as gifts is like giving undying love and fidelity just like the history that is seeped in the legends behind it. It also makes it a perfect Irish wedding jewelry, so full of love, loyalty, and dedication. Other Irish Celtic jewelry symbolizes knowledge and understanding just like those adorned with the Celtic cross. Other symbols in Irish jewelry such as those you see in brooch, pins, and pendants are the shamrock, the harp, the silver trinity, and the Tara brooch.

Irish Jewelry Symbol Meanings

Symbols engraved on Irish jewelry pieces connote different meanings. Knowing the different meanings behind the designs are important as it becomes the basis in getting somebody an Irish jewelry. Here are some geometric patterns you often see in Irish jewelry pieces and their symbolic meanings.

- Lines. Lines in Irish jewelry pieces are usually combined to make a cohesive pattern. Wherever the point of view of the line is or wherever direction it is pointed at and whether it is straight, irregular, or curved, it denotes that everything has a beginning and an end.

- Cross. Irish Celtic jewelry pieces that have cross patterns imply that the two lines that meet somewhere in the middle have two separate paths. And when you decide to take the new path, it is a new perspective.

- Circles. Irish wedding jewelry pieces that have circular knots represent equality, community, and commitment. A circle has no beginning and no end, it tells of one’s love-undying.

- Waves. Wave patterns are also common in Irish Celtic jewelry. As in the ocean, waves are a permanent and rhythmic motion. It is a basic expression of existence; we are in a world that flows in steady rhythms, day in and day out.

Spread the Luck

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