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Surname Genealogy

surname genealogy

Genealogy as a Cross-disciplinary Academic Discipline

Academic discipline is an area of human knowledge which is associated with a particular aspect of science. There are a wide array of various disciplines. And the number is growing with annually. Cross-disciplinary Academic Disciplines New educational disciplines emerged at the border of old ones. For instance, computer linguistics is an educational discipline which on the one hand relates to linguistic problems, and, on the other hand, studies language which functions at the computer area. One more bright instance is the history of a literature. On the one hand, the discipline researches such phenomenon as literature, but, on the other hand, literature is explored within historic context. There are several academic disciplines which are regarded as pure disciplines, not a mixture of numerous disciplines. But today, when new ways of scientific investigation became more accessible, these disciplines became a real blending of scientific knowledge. Genealogy Genealogy is an academic discipline that explores the data about origin, succession, and kindred of various families and a particular person. The truth is that many centuries ago it was enough to research only written sources. At present, new methods of investigation appeared. Modern genealogists utilize mathematical, statistical, computer, phonetic, biological, and other techniques of scientific study. 1.Mathematics and statistics are needed to count amounts of generations, to find out, for example, a length of a particular generation chain. Due to such investigations it gets clear that today all people can be relatives to one another. 2.Computer databases provide genealogists the opportunity to find relatives in lists of relatives that one can discover in computer records and, furthermore important, in the Internet. 3.Phonetics helps genealogist to discover sound equivalents of surnames, because some people might have travelled, or some modifications in sounds of surnames emerged because of the leaving for another nation. 4.Biology assists scientists to find relatives on the level of DNA.
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Family Genealogy Queries: 'J' Surnames

Family Genealogy Queries: ‘J’ Surnames

The family information in this book comes from a genealogy magazine published during the 1990s, now out of print. Contents of this huge volume (13 previously published books in one!) include all queries from the magazine mentioning individuals or families with a surname beginning with “J.”The focus is on families in the southern United States.Genealogy queries such as these have long been a means …

Surnames, DNA, and Family History

Surnames, DNA, and Family History


This book combines linguistic and historical approaches with the latest techniques of DNA analysis and shows the insights these offer for every kind of genealogical research. It focuses on British names, tracing their origins to different parts of the British Isles and Europe and revealing how names often remain concentrated in the districts where they first became established centuries ago. In th…

The Surnames Handbook: A Guide to Family Name Research in the 21st Century

The Surnames Handbook: A Guide to Family Name Research in the 21st Century


Every surname has its own story to tell, and a surname study is a natural complement to family history research. The study of surnames has been revolutionised in the last decade with the increasing availability of online resources, and it is now easier than ever before to explore the history, evolution, distribution and meaning of your family name. The Surnames Handbook provides a comprehensive gu…

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