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Making Money with Expired Domain Names

SHORT ANSWER: An expired domain is a domain name that’s registration has expired.

LONG ANSWER: In order to claim ownership of a domain name, it must be registered either in your name or in your business name, your choice. After you’ve registered your domain name, either to yourself or to your company, you own it for a year. Then, every year you renew ownership of that domain name. Domain name renewal costs anywhere from $5 to $15, depending on which domain name registrar you use.

Most domain name registrars give you the option of a multi-year renewal, which saves a few dollars and the headache of renewing every year. Multi-year renewals are a good idea if you have a domain name you are pretty certain you will want for the foreseeable future.

Even if you decide to let go of the website attached to the name, you can always use it for PPC and affiliate ads like the big guys do!

An expired domain is simply a domain name with an expired registration. If you don’t renew at the end of the year, that domain name becomes available for purchase by someone else.

Why would someone let a good domain name expire?

  • Maybe the domain name wasn’t so good after all!
  • Absentminded website owners who simply neglected to renew their domain names;
  • Webmasters who got tied up in other ventures or interests;
  • Webmasters who discontinued a site due to time constraints;
  • Webmasters who ran out of money to continue to operate.

You should get several renewal notices from your domain name registrar for each domain name as it comes time to expire. Make sure the email address on file with your domain name registrar is working so you don’t miss a renewal!

Now, when a domain name expires, registrars take over the name for 3-6 months afterwards before putting it on the market again. They do this so they can make money on any traffic you may still have finding its way to the name. The domain name will now point to a parked page with PPC ads, with all monies going to the registrar. Smart!

Here’s the rub: if you decide you want the name back after it’s expired and the registrar has assumed control of it, the registrar will charge you anywhere from $50 to $150 (those are the prices I’ve seen) to pull that domain name out of limbo and reinstate it to you! (You never know about a domain name. Out of the blue it could get a few PPC dollars – even if only from misspellings!)

The lesson here is, if there is any chance you can use that domain name, make sure your email address is good so you don’t miss your renewal!

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