My Geneology

my geneology

Furniture – Show off The Expression of Your Lifestyle

Furniture, where would we be without it, aside from sitting on the floor. Although it appears rather (and maybe) (overly) simplistic, it’s far more than beds, chairs, tables and lamps…

Are you sophisticated or eclectic, shabby chic or industrial lofty coolness? Even gender can be represented like the man cave or the bachelor pad. Think about pink frilly little girl boudoirs, beautiful small baby nurseries full to the brim with hope for the future.

Furniture is to design, what paint is to art – a never ending canvas of ideas. Fundamentally (regularly) treated disrespectfully, furniture is an integral element of our everyday lives.

What if somebody said, modern furniture, or mission furniture isn't available? Ridiculous right, but recall It's because of someone's creative concepts (genius) that such (kind of) furniture exists to start with. What was Jetsons hi-tech in the Flintstone age is now current (modern) every day fare.

It’s amazing with only a few exquisite pieces one could have Urban modern or French provincial. Furniture reflects our personal style, tastes, present, past, even our family history with heirlooms.

Our furniture tells a story…about us! Do we have antiques, mission or craftsman, art deco egg chairs, modern recliners, home screening room (theatre)? Was that great grandmas cook stove that she used to feed the farm-hands at the (now) antique pine table of 12. Beatrix Potter’s solid wood mahagony desk she used while she illustrated & wrote her famous children’s books including Peter Rabbit. Remember, it is the humble wood rocker that soothed many a infant world leader in her or his mother’s arms.

Furniture can be, and is a part of history and is far more than simply an assembly of wood, fabric, metals and numerous materials; each piece has a history, a tale, a memory. My father made me an extending solid maple diningroom table, so some pieces are priceless to the owner. That table has fed the very poor and the very rich alike, the noteworthy and the lowly, all with the same end objective, for the guests to feel acknowleged and a feeling of belonging.

Furniture, a silent witness to the events of each era, it is an expression of human-kind, creative, inspiring, accepting, expressive, conservative, it reflects us; we can’t do without it, and hopefully we shall appreciate how it represents our essence, and be conscious when selecting each quality piece.

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My geneology from Quebec and Ontario and yay I found my father’s muksic tapes

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