Mormon Family History

mormon family history

Turn Learning Into Fun Using Living Scriptures

Are you always bored on Sunday afternoon? The Living Scriptures animated series is for you! This is a wonderful series, with products such as the bible story videos, the Book of Mormon, the prophets hero classics and the hero classics. The Living Scriptures are wonderful products for Mormon families, but also for those not of the Mormon faith, but are Christian.

The majority of the videos from Living Scriptures are about the Mormon faith, and the Book of Mormon. There are stories about Nephi and Helaman and the famous stripling warriors. Your children will love watching the Living Scriptures animated Book of Mormon series and learn about the scriptures in fun animated stories by the Living Scriptures.

There are also animated stories that are not just for people of the Mormon faith. There are bible story videos that are all about the bible. They have many famous stories from the bible, some of which are Daniel and the Lion’s Den, the miracles of Christ, the Christmas story and Noah’s Ark.

The Living Scriptures is a great product for your children to learn about the scriptures. The creators, Orson Scott Card, James Rich and Richard James, took scripture stories and translated them for children to understand through animation. This is wonderful because your children will love watching the animated stories, but they will also learn about their religion and the scriptures, as well as different heroes throughout history. The animated stories were also made for adults to enjoy as well. The Living Scriptures are easy to understand, but also have underlying themes that children may not catch onto, but that adults will understand.

If you are not religious, or do not feel the need to learn more about the scriptures, Living Scriptures still has a series you can enjoy. The hero classics series is all about great American heroes, such as Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell and Abe Lincoln. You and your children will enjoy watching the hero classics series by Living Scriptures to learn more about great American heroes.

If you are of the Mormon faith, the the prophets hero classics series is a great product to have in your home. It is all about the modern day prophets, from Joseph Smith to Thomas Monson.

The creators, Orson Scott Card, James Rich and Richard James, understand how the media and television can be so hard to find something wholesome for your children to watch. They decided to create religious animated stories through the Living Scriptures series. The animated stories are a wholesome and educational. Is there anything better for your children and family to watch? The videos are not only for Sunday afternoon, they are for any day of the week. If you are having a family home evening and are talking about the scriptures, then watching the Living Scriptures story after reading it is a great way to sum up the lesson.

If you are wondering how to purchase these different products, there are a few ways. First, there are sales people who go door-to-door and sale the products to different families. Second, they can be purchased at Deseret Book, a book store for people of the Mormon faith, but people of other Christian faiths will enjoy the story also.

Turn Learning Into Fun Using Living Scriptures

Living Scriptures

orson scott card

Mormon Family History for Youth

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