Mormon Church Family Records

mormon church family records

Family History… More than just names and dates.

Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner

Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner


“Like every other well-brought-up young woman, I was raised to believe that life was a crescendo: Do everything right – eat your cereal, curl your hair, study, exercise, be sweet, and follow The Plan (although I was never too clear exactly what the plan was).” Not only was life less simple than Jaroldeen had grown up expecting, it turned out to be a series of complex challenges and hard work. But …

10 Days Until Forever

10 Days Until Forever


When you’re little, 10 days can seem like forever. In this adorable story, a family counts down to their special day in the temple, and one little boy waits eagerly to join his forever family. Filled with touching illustrations and an endearing message, this is the perfect reminder that no matter how you find each other, your family can be together forever….

Mormons & Homosexuality: Setting the Record Straight

Mormons & Homosexuality: Setting the Record Straight


In the book, practicing Latter-day Saints psycologist Dr. Dean Byrd illuminates some of the little-known realities regarding homosexuality. He relies on his expertise as a social scientist and a practicing mental health professional as he shares the research and clinical data on this controversial topic. He provides compelling evidence on what science can and cannot say about homosexuality.With ab…