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Ways of Conducting Genealogy Research

Conducting genealogy research is common nowadays. Genealogy is regarded as the study of family lineage or ancestry. Family lines are presented as family trees or genealogical trees which are at times called pedigree charts. The records show the oldest ancestors at the top most while successive generations are placed in collateral or direct lines on the basis of the relationship of an individual to that given family member.

The Early Years of Genealogy Research

In ancient societies, genealogy was established to be in relation to a hero, a god or a fantastic animal as the earliest ancestor. It was not uncommon for a royal to claim a god as his grandfather. Even early Roman society was not exempt. These claims, outrageous as they may be for modern people helped clans and tribes to build stronger ties within families and groups. Genealogy was also a way to claim dominance over another clan. Early genealogical research was passed on thru oral tradition but when societies began to learn how to write the records of family history started to appear.

Why Genealogy Is Important

Tracing your roots by conducting a genealogy research is a practical method of proving your ancestry, especially in circumstances where there are claims to wills. In case of disputes, an evidence of descent is vital to make sure that somebody has a rightful claim. It is important in matters requiring a heir, especially to royal titles. Tracing back an individual’s family history can mean the difference between the crown and the boot.

Genealogy is also used to confirm or deny legitimacy and is an especially useful tool in determining illnesses that have a great impact to modern-day families. This is particularly true to diseases that seem to run in the bloodline.

Genealogy research is also important to the study of history and sociology and in other cases the study of law. Although for most Americans, genealogy research is a personal matter and is all about knowing who you are by knowing where you came from.

Ways of Conducting Genealogy Research

Are you aware of the fact that there are genealogy courses offered by various learning institutions? The simplest and most effective method of conducting genealogy research is interrogating your mother and father, grandparents and other family members. Asking them about their ancestors is very convenient since it will not require a lot of research. The only limitation is that very old people may have a difficult of remembering.

Another method of finding out about your ancestry is going through family documents. These could be birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, funerals, christenings, properties, public records and newspapers. These contain definite evidence of family history. You can also go to your local library and court-house or get records from the church and villages.

You also do not have to go far when examining documents for your genealogy research. Family books, Bibles, letters, last will and testaments are evidence of family. These also hold an advantage over other documents since these will supply you some information of your ancestors. Interviews with people who’ve had contact with known family members can also bring some excellent results. The only disadvantage is that it will require more research, interviewing, corroboration of information provided and some travel.

Americans can trace their family records to as far back as the arrival of the settlers. In American shores, the Mormon Church has the best written copies of documents containing genealogical information. This information is often used by members to posthumously bring their ancestors into the Mormon Church.

If you have foreign roots, you may have a little difficulty since records may have been lost or destroyed or written in a foreign language, unless you have British roots. The Brits have kept a good record of genealogy for research purposes and their books are a good source.

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Photo: Mormon farmer,Box Elder County,Utah 1


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