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Don’t Get The Hoodie Footie For Valentine’s Day

The invention of Valentine’s Day

In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius started Valentines Day to honor a couple of Christian martyrs. Feb. 14 was in the middle of a pagan fertility festival. Fast-forward to now, and youve got Pajamagram telling us that the hoodie-footie is the perfect Valentines Day gift there are a lot of bad Valentines Day ideas out there.

It’s a long story behind the holiday, but no one used to buy Valentine’s Day gifts until the 1980s, when a diamond retailer said people should. Thanks to groups like Hallmark, jewelers, chocolatiers, and florists, Valentine’s Day is now an obligation. If people need an excuse to do something romantic or show affection for people, there isn’t anything wrong with it.

However, in the case of the hoodie-footie

Before you go out and get a short term personal loan for a hoodie-footie, you should know that the full name of this product is the Hoodie-Footie Snuggle Suit. If you aren’t vomiting already, here’s an appeal to logic. A Hoodie-Footie Snuggle Suit covers every inch of the body (besides the face). The hoodie footie sends the message that you don’t want to get skin to skin when you snuggle up – which is not romantic, and in keeping with Valentine’s Day, counterintuitive.

Pajamagram also says the hoodie footie will have you stay warm from head to toe.” That said, you’ll still get chills from using the restroom, because you have to take it all off to do so. Ill stick with my separates, thanks.

More bad Valentines Day ideas

Dont get your significant other a Snuggie. They aren’t well built and leave fuzz everywhere. Men should be warned that buying kitchen appliances and other utilitarian household items is usually not well-received. Unless you know your partner really well, err on the side of romance.

Dinner with no reservations is a Valentine’s Day no-no. If you don’t have a reservation yet, you’d better get some ideas together for cooking. Any place that you can walk into on Valentines Day without a reservation and get a table without waiting hours is probably not somewhere you should go for Valentines Day.

As far as good Valentines Day ideas go, I look at Valentines Day as a good excuse to eat steak. Valentines Day, for me, is just about spending time together and doing something special, and eating steak at home is special enough for me.

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