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Any Georges out there?

I’m descended from the George family of Loudoun County Virginia. (believed to be of German descent, formerly “Georg”) I’ve done and the LDS. Even gone to the geneology library, but everything gets really vague before the late 1700′s, early 1800′s, when they got better at keeping church records. Any time I google “John George”, it thinks George is the middle name. Further complicating things, is there is a seperate George Family, English, down state, that has alot of stuff online.
has 70 entries with
Surname = George
Birthplace = Loudoun

You might to some of the owners of the better-looking data bases and ask what they use for sources. Hitting a dead end in the late 1700′s / early 1800′s is pretty common. Lots of people don’t get back before 1850, unless they meet a cousin who has spent years digging through tax records, church records, wills and land records, by hand.

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