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Tiny Talks: Volume 15

Tiny Talks: Volume 15


Take the pain out of preparing for your child’s next talk. With a focus on the 2015 Primary theme, Tiny Talks has got you covered. On each page you’ll find a gospel story, a corresponding scripture verse, and a list of visual aids, making this the perfect resource for talks, sharing time lessons, or family home evenings all year long!…

Who Wants to Be a Celestial Heir-Bom Ed

Who Wants to Be a Celestial Heir-Bom Ed


“Climb to the celestial kingdom with this exciting Book of Mormon trivia game. With a three-dimensional board to mark your progress, this is a perfect activity for seminary classes, family nights, and youth activities. Learn little-known facts about the scriptures as you each try to become a celestial heir!”…

Light without Fire: The Making of America's First Muslim College

Light without Fire: The Making of America’s First Muslim College


The story of America’s first Muslim institution of higher education, Zaytuna College   In the fall of 2010, anti-Muslim furor in the United States reached a breaking point, capping a decade in which such sentiment had surged. Loud, angry crowds gathered near New York’s Ground Zero to protest plans to build an Islamic cultural center, while a small-time Florida minister appeared on national te…