Lds Church Family Search

lds church family search
I heard the LDS church has brought out a new family history program?

My Mum was telling me this. I am wondering were i can get it from.Also if it will be free like PAF is.

I tried search but couldn’t find anything

There is a new family search program. It is limited to members. You need your membership number to enroll. It is limited to certain temple districts until local members are trained to use it.

The new program is designed to improve submitting names for temple ordinances. When you enter names, it gives you previously submitted research. It is like having a constantly updated Ancestoral file. Since this is not orginal research, it is only as accurate as the researcher.

When your temple is set to use it, newfamilysearch will be the only way to submit names. It will reduce duplication of effort. I think that 70% of Americans will find an existing researched connection if they go back 5 generations.

Mormon Church Family Search Step 1

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