Genetic Geneology

genetic geneology

Pigeon Genetics and Genealogy




Your Family Tree Does Much More than Trace Your Lineage! The genogram- a new way psychotherapists are mapping traits, behavior, and preferences- opens up the hidden legacy o your family tree. You’ll be amazed to learn that many talents and personality types are passed from generation to generation. Just as you inherit physical characteristics, you also inherit important health, relationship, and c…

National Geographic Kids Guide to Genealogy

National Geographic Kids Guide to Genealogy


Inspired by the growing ancestry and DNA-testing crazes, this guide helps readers dig into the past and learn more about their own family history.What does your family tree look like? Where do its roots lead? Are you related to royalty? Start your very own journey and find out with this activity-packed guide to genealogy! This lively guide will get you started on researching your family’s past and…

She Has Her Mother's Laugh: What Heredity Is, Is Not, and May Become

She Has Her Mother’s Laugh: What Heredity Is, Is Not, and May Become


Award-winning, celebrated New York Times columnist and science writer Carl Zimmer presents a history of our understanding of heredity in this sweeping, resonating overview of a force that shaped human society–a force set to shape our future even more radically.She Has Her Mother’s Laugh presents a profoundly original perspective on what we pass along from generation to generation. Charles Darwin …