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PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Deterrent

PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Deterrent


PetSafe SSSSCAT’s automatic spray system uses infrared to monitor movement up to 3 feet away to keep pets out of unwanted areas. The spray is harmless, odorless and stainless. PetSafe SSSCAT can be used to keep pets off counters, away from trash cans, prevent them from scratching or climbing on furniture and keep them away from any other belongings you might want to protect….

Hopkins AnySize Table, Sand

Hopkins AnySize Table, Sand


With Hopkins’ 2x4basics 90140 AnySize Table or Low Bench and your 2x4s, you can custom build a very sturdy picnic bench or low table, coffee table, side table, or footrest up to 8 feet (2.4m). Versatile design makes the AnySize Table a good value for your outdoor furniture needs. You can store it as a side table or footrest and then use it as an extra bench when your seating requirements increase….

Watermelon Ball - The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game

Watermelon Ball – The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game


Have you played Watermelon Ball yet? If not, you are missing out. Please visit our website for more details of this exciting game. Watermelon Ball is a fun unique swimming pool game combining components of football, basketball, and rugby in the water. The Watermelon Ball is neutrally buoyant, which allows the ball to be passed up to 10 feet and dribbled like a basketball under the water. If you ar…