Find Your Ancestry Free

find your ancestry free
what website can i go to to find my relatives for free?

I have been looking for my family members for a little over a year now but there are no websites that you can go to that lets you know about your family without $ and yes i have tried it cost money please help!

Your public libraries will most likely have both and Heritage free for anyone to use while at the library and with a library card you should be able to use Heritage Quest at home.

Another free online resource is the LDS/Mormon site, which has many free online records and original documents on their new Beta site at: . Their regular website has Ancestral Files, 1880 US Census, 1881 British Census, 1881 Canadian Census, International Genealogical Index, Pedigree Resource File, US Social Security Index and the Vital Records Index for some Countries. In addition to their online records, they have Family History Centers where you can go for personalized help with research and look at microfilm and while they will not do your research for you they will help you, a lot. They only charge if they have to order something specifically for you or you need photocopies and their charges are minimal. Look on the home page of their website to find a location near you and call to check hours of operation.

Additionally, USGenWeb is another free online resource at . This site is packed with how-to tips, queries and records for every state and most counties within those states. Then, there is Rootsweb at a free site hosted by where you can search for surnames, post queries on the message boards and subscribe to surname mailing lists.

Also, be sure to check each state that you need information from as many have their own projects, for example, the state of Missouri has a great website that has many free source documents online at and South Carolina has many free wills and other court documents at

Also, Family Tree Magazine’s 101 Best Websites, 2010 You may have to register for their free newsletter to access this list but you will find that helpful also as they highlight new websites and new research strategies in each newsletter.

And the only site that is included on this list which has some links that are free and some that are fee is Cyndi’s List but it will be well worth your time to look through the list for the free websites because of their quality:

There is a new free genealogy search engine,, that provide genealogist and newcomers alike with the best genealogy content on the web. It searches hundreds of thousands of genealogy web sites, looking for the words that you specify. While discovers new sites every day, some of the existing sites searchable on include genealogy message boards, family trees, state and local historical societies, the Library of Congress, National Archives, Ellis Island, Find A Grave, the Internet Archive, various U.S. state archives, several sites containing old photographs and tens of thousands of distinct sites that contain transcribed records of genealogical interest, all free.

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