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find family origin
What are some fun Christmas traditions from your family of origin?

My extended family has always had a blah sort of holiday season. Well, now all the “kids” are grown up and we are wanting to start some fun, family traditions for future generations. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Love and Christmas,

The Wick family

We open all family presents on Christmas eve. We don’t get as many presents as when we were kids, so mom divys up the presents and then we go around one at a time and open one gift, then it is the next person’s turn to open one gift, etc and keep taking turns until all the presents are opened. We do this so we can all enjoy what everyone gets (when we were kids though, we would all just open our presents together since obviously kids can’t wait to do it one at a time. LOL). Then on Christmas morning, Santa still comes. And yes, we are all grown. But what’s fun is we even sneak “santa” gifts out for my mom too. And it’s a free-for-all. We all just rush out to the tree and find our gifts and open them. We each get about one or two. And we still get our stockings filled too. It’s really fun.

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