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A Brief Overview of Spain’s wonderfully Colorful and Distinct Culinary Culture

People these days who look for good food do not just control themselves to expensive and famous restaurants. Such cuisines can only be named Spanish; they are so matchless in characteristics that even though a lot of countries have already copied and made versions of their classical dishes, none can still match up to the original. Then there are those people who want to enjoy food and not just know their foundations and family but to actually travel and look for it and experience the authentic taste of the dish.

One of the frequent countries that are probably to be mentioned is Spain; they have a lot of restaurants that has continued and still serve their local dish and the way it was cooked. Getting around Spain is effortless enough, what with all the gracious locals keen to lend you a helping hand; certainly it’s better to have a few Spanish words manageable to help you get around the place with as much luxury as you can, and what better way than to learn through the internet by downloading short language classes like what you can get for free at Rocket Spanish. It’s a good thing that today a lot of information is readily available through the internet; for example if you want to learn Spanish language, try and explore Rocket Spanish which is available online and easy to access and they suggest some basic lessons free of charge. Rocket Spanish is a Computer Assisted Language Learning that can help you speak Spanish fluently.

Several food institutions in Spain have preserved the authentic taste of a dish, and how it is conventionally arranged and cooked. The first thing you may want to consider is what your favorite Spanish dish is and try to look for the authentic version; an example is if you like tortilla de patatas or commonly known as Spanish omelet which these days have many of variants, it would be a serene thing to know what the authentic tortilla de patatas tastes like and how it is traditionally prepared and cooked. What’s notable regarding the culture of Spanish cuisine is that the traditional methods of preparing Spanish classics like tortilla de patatas has not been vanished and could still be found in a lot of Spanish restaurants all over the country.

There are several Spanish restaurants that are notable for the way that they uphold the culinary traditions of Spain and one of them is the Restaurante Las Rejas of the province of Cuenca. Another restaurant where you can find authentic Spanish dish is Restaurante Las Rejas located in Pedroñeras in a little community of the province of Cuenca; the said restaurant is quite famous for a dish called menu de desgustacion in which they serve eight to nine amuse-bouche which are extremely suggested to be tried when visiting Spain. Their signature dish is the sopa de ajo which is egg boiled in chicken broth with sherry and garlic; it is an essential to try this restaurant for those visiting Spain and want to try their authentic dish and enjoy the atmosphere and the collected works of antiques that can be seen inside the restaurant. If you favor to eat more fish than other types of meat, the Restaurante Casa Juan in Tenerite cooks home-smoked fish the habitual Spanish way; what’s more exciting is that the recipe used for the dishes have been imparted from generation to generation.

There are a lot more restaurants in Spain that can be visited and authentic Spanish dish is not only limited to being served in famous restaurants; by talking to the locals you can learn more about their ethnicity and foundations of a dish and you yourself can discover a place which you can say has an authentic Spanish taste.


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