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Navigate Your Way Accurately with GPS

The majority of of the GPS devices that you see in stores currently are for autos since nearly all consumers have a minimum of one auto which is normally the family’s primary mode of transportation. The most recent GPS devices have a whole list of programs that enable drivers to get to the destination they are going to faster and easier. A great model for you to consider is the Garmin Nuvi 1250 Portable GPS Navigator.

Just a few years back, GPS devices were used only by constant travelers who went many miles either on land or on water. Marine GPS technology has been developed to accommodate boaters and make the convenience possible for them. GPS is especially useful in guiding seamen through open seas and might be a necessary piece of safety equipment during rough weather or even in an event when you find yourself lost in the open sea. The same makers that currently market effective GPS devices for your car also offer a fair amount of marine GPS products.

Garmin Marine GPS Devices

Garmin Nuvi devices have proven to be superior in terms of accuracy and navigational features. Garmin’s marine devices such as the GPSMAP 5015 and GPSMAP 5215 also provide quality construction and reliable performance. Each one of those traits are very crucial when a ship is 50 miles offshore and the crew has no place to stop and buy a map. Several of the handy applications include improved sensors, chartplotters for more accurate planning during a voyage, and a marine autopilot system for worry free navigation.

Garmin marine products are available as either handheld or larger versions with bigger displays providing more detailed maps that display backgrounds, lighthouse locations, obstructions, buoys, and more. A couple kinds of units enable the owner to save information on flash drives for safe keeping or for editing on a home computer. All of the best GPS units in this series are waterproof, and their outer coverings are specially constructed in such a way that the device floats if mistakenly dropped in the water.

Magellan Maestro Devices

The advantage of some of the more comprehensive models of the Magellan Maestro is that the same device can be used overland as well as out on the water. Yachtsmen can effortlessly affix their Maestros inside their boats or simply hold on to it as you would a regular handheld device. The Maestros’ accuracy in the middle of the ocean is outstanding and the technology applied to the navigation is pretty impressive since it can triangulate signals from as many as 12 individual satellites to calculate its exact coordinates.

If you are familiar with the Maestro, you will have no trouble in working with the user interface at sea. While shopping for one that must be suited for marine duty, check if the device is offered with a waterproof rubber casing.

TomTom GPS Devices

TomTom GPS devices normally are more geared towards car navigation, but they can be easily used as marine GPS devices, too. Several versions like the TomTom 720 GPS can use marine charts and could also be used to plot courses. Sites on the sea haven’t been plotted, but at least TomTom owners can still find their coordinates and should not have to buy a specific marine GPS device. A nice unit to purchase is the Garmin Nuvi 1250 Portable GPS Navigator.

The GPS device that you own currently can also be employed as a marine GPS. You should invest in a dedicated marine GPS device only if you frequently travel on the open ocean because then you’ll require better and more detailed charts.

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