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How to Save on Airfare, Lodging and Food on Your Next Vacation

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Summer vacation with a family, especially if it is a large one, can be quite expensive. Good planning and hard work can pay off in the form of big savings for all your travel expenses. Savings strategies are endless. This article will focus on three.

Save on Airfare: Trust a Travel Agent

A lot of families discard flying because they think that the cost is way out of their price range. Airfare really can cost a lot, especially when you do not know where the best deals are. It is possible to find big discounts if you know what to search for. Who know better where to look than a travel agent?

More and more people are searching and booking their own travel arrangements on the internet. A seasoned travel agent can be a big help when it comes to locating discounted tickets. Most experienced travel agents understand the industry and how it operates. They are insiders. They know the best day of the week to search. They even know the hour of the day that will reap the best deals.

Some individuals get excited when they find airfare discounted in $50 or $100. Of course, they searched several hours to find the dea. What value would you give for your time? The amount of savings a travel agent can get you usually far exceeds any fee you might pay. Take advantage of such a knowledgeable resource and reap the reward of flying cheap.

Save on Lodging: Check Out Alternative Accommodations

What types of accommodations come to your mind when you think of lodging? For most people, it is hotels and resorts. Many inexpensive alternatives are available to those willing to search a little. You can even find lodging for free. Yes, there are places you can stay for free. Ok. There is a cost but it's not monetary.

Have a friend or relative who lives in a destination you want to visit. Ask to stay in their home. Give preference to those with whom you maintain some kind of contact even if irregular. You might drop a hint to get an initial reaction. Say something like "What would you think about us coming to visit for a few days?" If you want to confirm that the person understood what you were requesting, you can quip, "When we overdo our stay, you can kick us out.”

Another “free” accommodation is a home exchange. Basically, you stay in someone else's home and they stay in yours. This industry has grown tremendously in the last several years. Some home exchange websites have tens of thousands of home available all over the world.

Additional lodging options that cost little include camp sites, hostels and dorm rooms. During summer months when there are not a lot of students around, some universities will rent dorm rooms to individuals. Keep your mind open and you can find some excellent alternatives for inexpensive lodging.

Save Money on Food: Prepare Your Own

Fasting, juice diets and the like are options you might try but you will probably not find your family very agreeable. It is not necessary to get your family to forego a few meals in order to save money.

One of the best ways to save money on food expenses during a vacation is to not eat out. Eating every meal at restaurants can really add up. Snack foods and meals that you make yourself is the answer. Create a meal plan with inexpensive foods but ones your family enjoys. Make sure they are easy to store and transport.

The tips above will help you plan an enjoyable summer vacation with your family without spending a fortune.


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