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Give Living Scriptures A Listen

Living Scriptures Make Learning Scriptures Fun! Do you wonder if your children are learning and understanding the scriptures the way you would like? Do they seem uninterested in scripture reading? Do you want to improve your Sabbath worship? Well, the Living Scriptures are the answer. Children love to watch videos and they remember much more of a story when it is part of a video. The Living Scriptures are a collection of products that contain animated stories on video of the scriptures. As your children watch these Book of Mormon and Bible story videos they will come to understand the scriptures like never before. And the good news is, they will love doing it! These animated stories make learning about the scriptures fun and entertaining.

Living Scriptures started in 1974 with a business model of sales people going door to door to show their animated stories. Customers who bought the Living Scriptures sets would receive one every month in the mail. Back then, they were Book of Mormon VHS tapes. This worked well for Living Scriptures for many years, however with new technology things have changed at Living Scriptures. Now there are many ways to order or purchase Living Scriptures videos. You can search online for “Living Scriptures,” look for Living Scriptures at kiosks in your local mall, or buy the Living Scriptures products at any Deseret Book store.

There is an expanding variety of Living Scriptures products available currently. There are Living Scriptures Book of Mormon or Bible story videos, Prophets Hero Classics, and Modern Hero animated stories videos. Living Scriptures also has “Visit Israel” cds and dvds. These are amazing and very informative, you will feel as if you have just taken a trip to Israel. Living Scriptures also has a church docudrama video that is about the history of the Mormon church.

You do not need to wonder about the quality of the Living Scriptures videos. They are extremely well made, especially considering that James Rich is the animator that brings the Living Scriptures to life. He is famous for his work at Disney on the “Fox and the Hound” and “Black Cauldron.” Another fantastic addition to the Living Scriptures videos is Orson Scott Card who agreed to write the script for the videos. His creativity, imagination and expert writing abilities (he is the author of the classic book “Ender’s Game”), make sure that the Living Scriptures videos are something your family will treasure for years to come.

Not only will your children learn more about the scriptures, they will discover an interest in reading the scriptures because they will know the Book of Mormon and Bible stories so well. Customers love the fact that they can actually turn on the television on Sunday, watch the Living Scriptures and still feel good about their Sabbath day worship. Your children will develop a love for the scriptures through watching these wonderful animated stories. And not only will your younger children love the Living Scriptures, but your teenagers as well.

The Living Scriptures are a wonderful way to uplift, strengthen and fortify your children by deepening their understanding of the scriptures as they watch the scriptures unfold before their eyes in these incredible animated stories. The Living Scriptures will help your children come to love the scriptures as they understand them better.

Give Living Scriptures a Shot

There is an expanding variety of Living Scriptures products available currently. There are Living Scriptures Book of Mormon or Bible story videos, Prophets Hero Classics, and Modern Hero animated stories videos. Living…. Learn more at Living Scriptures and deseret book

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