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Free Magic Tricks – A Great Way To Get Started

When you’re just beginning, it’s easy to spend lots of money for various tools of the magician’s trade.  Buy some training materials as well, and all of a sudden you can spend lots without even having learnt a magic trick!

The good news is that you can start learning to be a magician with free magic tricks.  And if you choose carefully, you can choose magic tricks that don’t need a whole lot of props, or only require bits and pieces you probably already have around your house.  This is definitely the case with card tricks.

So where do you find free magic tricks?  Here are a few ideas to begin with:

- the library
– the internet
– friends

With so much information available at your fingertips on the internet, sometimes it’s easy to forget your local library.  Most library networks will have at least a couple of magic trick books in their catalogue.  This can be a really great starting point, because you can flip through the book, pick a trick or two that you like the look of and which don’t require a lot of props, and then have a go at performing them.  A magic book is a much simpler way of checking out a whole lot of options you’ve possibly never even thought of, then using that information to search the internet for free information or videos about those specific tricks.

The internet is a great place to find free magic tricks.  There’s so much information available, it’s quite simple to find what you’re searching for.  All you need to do is a basic search and you’ll come up with plenty of choices.  Of course, it may be better if you know what sort of magic trick you’d like to perform, so that you can target your search more effectively.  For example, search for free magic card tricks, if that’s what interests you.

The other useful thing about the internet is You Tube.  There are a huge number of videos there that you can watch for free.  Again, if you can be a bit more specific in your search request, you can avoid wasting time trawling through amateur videos that won’t teach you anything.  You should be able to find a few instructional videos if you keep your eyes open.

Finally, it might be worth checking if your friends have any experience with magic, or perhaps have a relative who does.  If you can locate a magician who’s willing to spend an hour or two helping you master some basic tricks for free, then you’ve really struck gold.

Learning to be a magician is a great way to build your self confidence and entertain friends and family.  So if you can learn the basics for as little as possible with the help of a few free magic tricks, you will soon find out if magic is for you without parting out a fortune.

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