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Type II Diabetes: Cause And Effect – Lifestyle ?

Although there can be multiple reasons for developing Type 2 Diabetes , most frequently, the reason for the onset of Type two Diabetes are bad lifestyle choices. Certainly, family history plays a part, but the diet that we choose to eat and the activity level we keep up are, typically, the most significant factors in determining the onset of this disease. Unlike Type 1, Type 2 is usually seen in adults (or even young adults or teenagers these days), rather than being born with Type 2. Therefore, it is clear that the way we choose to live our lives plays an important role in causing and, thus, preventing this disease.

Type two diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance. This means that the body is no longer able to responds to the insulin that is secreted by the pancreas, thus, is unable to respond appropriately by delivering glucose to the body’s cells in order for them to function properly. Conversely, people with diabetes type 1 are typically born with an inability to produce insulin, or else develop it early on in life due to complications with their autoimmune system. Although both conditions have a similar name, this distinction shows that what causes diabetes is quite different depending on which type with which you are dealing. Therefore, they are both treated and managed quite differently as well.

A strong genetic link has been found in those with Diabetes 2. However, many people question whether this link has more to do with environment rather than inherent genes. So many however, focus on some other risk factors as likely causes of Type two Diabetes. Some of these characteristics are things like high blood pressure and high blood fat levels. Interestingly, these 2 conditions are often found in those with the other risk factors as well. These include a high fat diet, a high consumption of alcohol, and a sedentary lifestyle. All of these characteristics play an important role in one’s weight. So, being overweight also tends to help define this condition.

However, the good news about the many possible causes of this disease is that, even if there is a family history of diabetes, you can do some things to prevent it. Additionally, if you are recently diagnosed, you can avoid it worsening or, can even possibly cure it if you make specific changes to your lifestyle. Irrespective of the cause of diabetes, you can help manage the condition by making an effort to live a healthier life.

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