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Researching Genealogy And Finding Your Birth Parents

Of all the emotional processes you go through when studying and researching your family tree it is the hunt for birth parents that is the most challenging. The locale privacy laws can make it a lot more complicated to find exact names and addresses depending on where you live. It may well be difficult simply to find out the locations connected with your adoption either from the adoption agency or your adoptive parents. You may have trouble if your birth parents don't want to be found and this is often the case. You should be prepared for a long time spent searching as it can be difficult.

The first thing to do is to ask your adoptive parents what they know about your birth family. It can be hurtful when they discover you are looking for your birth mother. Don't just ask bluntly and try to be sensitive to how your questions might make them feel. Explaining that you wish to find the roots of your genealogy and this is not some sort of rejection of their love and affection should go some way to reassure them they have nothing to fear. Don't let them think you are looking to replace them as your real family by searching for your birth mother. Even getting a first name of your birth mother will be a big help if your adoptive parents ever knew it. They may know no more than the name of the agency or adoption center that handled the paperwork. It will be especially tricky to find information if you came from an overseas agency. Some adoptive parents have some contact with the mother before adoption though many do not. This doesn't mean they will know her name but any descriptive information about her age or some physical features may help you in your search.

You need to establish what the laws are in whichever state you are in or whatever country. It makes a lot of sense to invest in getting some professional advice on the laws to hlp you understand the situation. These rules are there for a reason so be sure to always go along with the rules on these things. You will discover that you can get help from some agencies either online or from the local phone book. When searching you will find that having some legal advice will be a great help. You can also sign up for services online for adoption reunions. If you are really lucky you may find your birth mother who has been searching for you as well, for years.

Finally you might get the chance to approach the people at the agency who dealt with your own adoption. It may or may not be possible for them to assist but you should ask just in case they can help. Sometimes it is possible to send a letter, through them, to your birth mother. In your letter you would explain you want help to research your birth family tree. If the can give you some information about your mother's medical history you might learn something useful about your own medical health potential and risks.

Don’t give up even if it all seems very difficult. You may never locate your birth mother, but even finding out her name and age can help your draw up a family tree. Finding your birth mother is one thing but finding your birth father is likely to be much harder. If you are totally stuck, consider researching your adoptive family instead. It is, after all, their affection that was with you while they raised you and gave you their family name.

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