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Learn To Repair Credit Score For Good

A third of Americans don’t understand the concept behind their credit score numbers, let alone how to repair credit score files. The whole purpose of that three-digit number, which you can get for free at, is to let lenders know how risky a borrower you are. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that paying your bills on time is the most important way to re-establish a good credit score. There are many things you can do on your own, but if you’re in way over your head, then there are also credit repair companies that can offer advise and do some of the dirty work for you. Just be careful you don’t fall for one of the credit repair scams!

The first step to repairing your credit score history is to understand the breakdown of that 3 digit number and what factors into your score. According to a leading credit repair Attorney our payment history comprises 35% of the score, so always pay every bill and credit payment in advance. This informs the lender how likely you are to pay them in full and on time, without having to chase you up. Also, the more recent the mistake, the worse it will be for your score. Another 30% of the score is based on your outstanding debt, such as how much you owe on home loans and auto loans and how many credit cards you have at their credit limits. You should have no more than three credit cards at 25% or less of their limits. This indicates whether you’re out of control, maxing them out, and whether you’re literally living on credit or not. The length of time you’ve had credit will account for 15% percent of your score because lenders want to see that you have a long-standing history of paying responsibly. Furthermore, 10% of the score is based on the number of inquiries made on your report. If you are applying too often for tons of credit cards, then this indicates that you are in some kind of financial difficulty. The last 10% of the score is based on the types of credit you currently have, which should be a mix of unsecured credit cards and revolving loans to prove you are capable of managing money. Credit report repair should start with making timely payments, then working balances down to 30% of your credit limit, then on to things like type of credit.

To repair credit score numbers, you’ll need improved credit history. You can achieve this by figuring out what caused you to fall behind and devising a new spending plan that can reduce your debt and set you up for a win. Often, you can negotiate new due dates or ask for reduced monthly payments from your creditors. Collection accounts will sometimes send you a settlement letter, allowing you to pay less than the original amount; sometimes as little as half! As for your credit score, paying it off in full will look better than accepting the settlement offer, but be sure you negotiate with your collector before you pay a single dime, requesting that they remove the blemish from your credit, and get that in writing!

Experts say that to repair credit score numbers, you should not close out accounts. It’s much better to use each card once a month and pay them all off in full. Generally, shredding and canceling your credit cards is bad when you’re trying to repair bad credit because it shows two things: one, that you have less available credit and are therefore using more of your credit limit, and also that you have a shorter credit history. If you’ve got way too many cards, then close out your newest accounts so you don’t lose your long history. Phase out your accounts over several months, rather than hastily all at once. Verify that the accounts you’ve closed are reported as “closed by consumer.” On the rest of your cards, keep moderate credit limits, keep your balances low (30% of available) and avoid revolving balances.

It is really nice to get a brand new credit card that has a high limit. At first you promise yourself that it is just for emergencies but before long you notice that you are using that credit card for day-to-day living expenses. To make matters worse, the problem usually does not stop with just one credit card. Slowly bad credit begins to accumulate and before long you find yourself in a world of trouble. There is not enough money to pay off the bills and interest keeps piling up. Stop living this way! There are ways to rid yourself of that baggage and find a better way to live.

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