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Things You May Consider When Building A Bed.

My son is a growing boy and discovering new pursuits while still clinging to his childhood ones. Which leaves us a bit of a problem, where do we find the room for everything. Originally he had a twin bed where he slept, but it seems like it is getting too small for him. Anything bigger in his room would dwarf his room and give him no room to play. There were a few options that we could select from when looking at beds for him.

There can be multiple solutions for storage and sleeping, however for us we opted for a loft bed. While there is a platform upon which he can sleep atop, there is room beneath for another bed or futon for family and friends to use, or a desk to do homework at, or you could always have a dresser underneath it. Even a combination of these things can be incorporated into the area. You may be surprised to find out just how much space that you will be able to save.

There comes some unique challenges with raising beds off of floors, and perhaps one of the key factors becomes its sturdiness and not raising it too high. This requires you to ensure that you have very precise measurements and a sound building scheme. Our measurements needed to include enough room for a queen-sized mattress and enough strength to hold him as he grew.

With many things that can go wrong, you do not want to have bad measurements waste all of your expensive materials. Once you have the materials you can head to the hardware store and begin shopping for wood. My son loves the smell of cedar, it reminds him of camping outdoors, so we decided we would spend a little extra for the top rail surrounding where he would sleep.

If a neighbor offers help, sometimes it can help you learn new skills or transport the wood in a vehicle larger than yours. It can be rather enjoyable to spend time with someone while you work, it can make the project go much faster. When our neighbor brought over his saw, I just had to wonder how husqvarna chainsaws could be a replacement for a table saw. In the end the guys made it all work out.

You may want to verify your accuracy when you measured before you begin cutting the woods. You may not wish to begin cutting only to find out that you made mistakes and now you need to go buy more wood. Our son helped with the measurements and was eager to help with the hammering. It certainly was a great way to let him learn about building things and how things work.

To make sure that the frame was not weak, extra supports were built into the side against the wall. A crisscrossing X-shape was built onto the frame. A desk on the end helped ensure that the base was sturdy as well as becoming a useful addition to the frame. Beside that was the ladder to climb into the bed. A place for his friends to sleep over on, or for family to crash for the night was added.

Futons can be sofas when you need that extra room, just push it up, or bedding for when you need a place to sleep. They are convenient and less bulky than a hide-away sofa. They can also come in many different designs, we chose an affordable wood one. The only remaining thing to do was to buy the bedding. Unfortunately for my son the military motif only came in the king quilts and not in queen. Although we did manage to find the army colors that he liked in queen sized. It was a nice compromise.

Family Crests

Leary Coat of Arms / Leary Family Crest 8X10 Photo Plaque, Personalized Gift, Wedding Gift

Leary Coat of Arms / Leary Family Crest 8X10 Photo Plaque, Personalized Gift, Wedding Gift


This beautifuly printed Chromaluxe plaque makes a great gift for those “hard to buy for” friends and relatives. What do you buy your dad or grandfather who goes out and buys what ever he wants before anyone can get it for him as a gift. LOL “been there”. A plaque with their Leary family crest will makes the perfect and unique gift for Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, birthdays or Christmas gift….

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Mcintyre Coat of Arms/ Family Crest on Fine Paper and Family History


Taken from the Old Medieval given name…

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CafePress – Mcguire Family Crest – Unique Coffee Mug, Coffee Cup


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