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Leading a physically and mentally well-balanced existence is the ideal way to live a healthy life style.  For some of us this is very hard to do.  To start living healthy means a person must do a lot of different things. You need to discover what works for you and what doesn’t, and you need to accept that certain things are beyond your control and there is little point in knocking yourself out about them while you understand that leading a healthy life-style is a continual and life-long process and you should not worry about what other people are saying about their methods on message boards like the how to lose weight fast.  It is a process that is ongoing and something that you will have to constantly evaluate and alter as your life changes.  Think of yourself as a work of art in progress.


What follows are a few suggestions for a person to follow.  A person should do the things that they are comfortable if they want to develop a plan they can stick with.


1. Keep your life in balance and do not overdo one part while sacrificing something else, whether it be what you eat or how you work or anything else.


2. You should take stock of how you spend your day, so you can reschedule your time, concentrate on important chores, cut down on the inconsequential, and thereby suffer less stress.


3. Don’t take on more work or personal responsibilities than you can realistically handle.


4. Do what you love.  Financial rewards come to those who are happy with what they do.


5. A person is not always judged by the things that surround them. Why buy a car if you can avail of public transport?


7. Give your body a chance to recuperate by sleeping a reasonable amount.  If you feel rundown as the day progresses, give yourself a chance to take a nap when possible to pick yourself back up.


8. Control your mind.  Controlling the mental aspect of your life is just as important to your body as the physical part.  Keep the positive energy as high as you can and concentrate on all of the good that is around you.


9. Do not underestimate the power of faith.  You don’t have to turn religious and burn candles at public altars.  It is not about what other people believe in, but rather about what the individual themselves believes in.


10. Make sure the clothes you choose are what you want to wear.


11. Eat well and healthy.  Prepare your own food.  Spice up the food the way you like it. Make meals interesting and fun and do not look for miracle diets that will help you lose weight in a short time by trying to lose weight fast or some other plan that will not work and will possibly cause more harm than you expect.


12. Get daily physical activity. Even a six pack ab exercises that you do in the privacy of your bedroom can work or  you can go for a short run every morning, do yoga, or when you have to run errands around the neighborhood leave the car behind.  A person will start discovering that it is not difficult to do this.


13. Go for regular medical check-ups.  If you have health problems, talk to your doctor.  Discuss all the options that are available for you.  Realize that this is a process that take s time and give it the time that is needed.


14. Do not go around bragging or trying to cheat the systems that are in place.  Speak candidly to others and do not say things that are not true.


15. Keep yourself informed.  Be aware of what is going on around you, locally, nationally, and internationally.  Try to learn at least one thing new every day.


16. Laughter should not be avoided.  Learn to laugh at yourself.


17. Do not take on life at half speed, give it your best at all times.

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