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What are the best and/or most effective geneology website on the internet?

I have a confusing family tree. We have many orphaned immigrants (all from germany). My father knows very little about his father and doesn’t talk about his family to myself or my five sisters. I would like to find out names and possible origins of at least some of my family out of sheer curiosity. I am finding many “geneology” sites that don’t really have anything helpfull. Has anyone had a good or similar experience? Can you reccomend anyone? I understand you get what you pay for so ALthough I love free and cheap, that is not neccessary.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe he was on a mission to have as many children as possible like all these blacks and Europeans in a foreign country and they know I’m Mexican kind of stuff if you know what I mean…And you are never going to find old documents stating where you are from, they have been destroyed…

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101 of the Best Free Websites for Climbing Your Family Tree (Genealogy)

101 of the Best Free Websites for Climbing Your Family Tree (Genealogy)

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