Your Data On Social Networking Sites

Many of us use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to communicate to our pals and family, but how much information are we really sharing with strangers, and would you like to? This is how it’s possible for you to assist in protecting your private info. This is a guide based totally on the varied social media sites available on the web, provided by your IT support experts.


The popular micro-blogging site. A place where you can share your thoughts to the world. But what if you only wish to share your thoughts with your acquaintances and family? You need to go into the settings page and select protect my tweets. This now means that only people who are following you can see your tweets. You may decide who follows you, which is handy.


Nearly 10% of the worlds ‘ population is on Facebook. Many folks wouldn’t desire our boss’s to see what we write about work, or potential companies to see inebriated snaps taken on vacations. To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to go into the settings page and change all access to mates only. You may also change the settings to stop folk who are not your pals from messaging you.

Google Plus

This is a new solution to social networking. Regard it as Facebook, LinkedIn and all rolled up into one. With Google you can segregate your pals, family, co-workers and so forth into circles, and define who can see what communication you decide to broadcast. This approach cancels the necessity for privacy settings as you can reserve categorical communication to particular circles.

We hope this throws some light onto privacy with social networking. Should you need a guide on what to do for business IT policy, give us a call right now for further advice.

Michael Kiruba-Raja is in control of social media communication within Prosyn. Prosyn brings enterprise level IT support in London and surrounding counties. Prosyn is a specialist in small business IT support for various enterprises in the United Kingdom.

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