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about family
How should I come out of the closet as asexual to my family? They really want grandkids but that won’t happen?

My family is really religious and conservative and they really want me to have them some grandkids.

But I’m asexual and haven’t told anyone.

Anytime my sexuality or when I’m going to have some kids comes up I leave the room.

They really want me to get married and have kids and I think they may be getting suspicious.

How should I come out about my asexuality?

You just need to be direct I think. I’m bisexual: I have a small urge to want to make kids but I don’t think I’d be a great father and fantasy goes a long way for me where sex is concerned. Obviously your family might be disappointed you’re not making a family of your own but it’s entirely your decision to make.
When the issue next arises, just be straight with them and say, “Actually, I really don’t plan on settling down with anyone, or having children. I’m quite happy by myself, Thanks”.
You probably will have to quell their suspicions that you might be gay – but over time I think they’ll come to realise that you really don’t have the urge to mate and reproduce.
Everyone feels differently. At the back of my mind, I probably am saying, “Surely at some point you must want someone to pay you some attention…” – but clearly at present you’re content as you are. As I understand though, you can go through stages of feeling asexual, in the same way that bisexuals are sometimes more into one gender than the other, so whilst asexuality defines you now, you may at some point experience some kind of sexual need. There are some support sites relating to asexuality. Have you taken a look at them?

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